Wednesday, 30 March 2016

[Singapore] - Ice Lab (아이스랩)

It was first Saturday of January, we went to Orchard as I wanted to have a feel on how the stretch of streets at Orchard area being closed on Pedestrian night.

 Kinda love this idea with mini Chingay. However, there will not be 
another Car-Free night after February.  

In Korea, they also adopting 'eco-mobility’ movement.  Busy shopping zones such as in Sinchon and Jeonju JIFF Street allowing people to enjoy space-freedom. Totally awesome and fun atmosphere with so many street performances.

In Jeonju Hanok Village, some major streets along tourist attractions 
from Gyeonggijeon to Omokdae Pavilion were closed to traffic 
on every Saturday and Public Holiday.

Ok, back to Orchard Road... 

 It's quite intriguing to see this shop 'Ice Lab' written in 
Hangul ('아이스랩') at Orchard Shopping Centre.

From the name, it's something related to ice... bingsu?
But from the exterior it looked like cosmetic shop. Couldn't see inside 
clearly as we were standing diagonally opposite the store. 

Wow!!! Bingsu showering on the Christmas tree!

While hubby ordering, I sat there and watched congratulation video
on the first floor since not a lot of people there when we arrived.

You know what, it's quite weird as most of the time after we went inside the shop suddenly the crowd started to come in~! I don't know why...

Then we decided to sit on the second floor.

 Ice Lab Menu.

 Some of Bingsu series...

Dessert, Bread and Drink.

Korean Snack Special.

Each machine for each type of bingsu. 

Collection Counter.

They have 2 sizes for bingsu : Small and Large.
Large is additional $4.00 from small size.

Actually we wanted to have brownie bingsu but no more...

Therefore, we ordered Yogurt Bingsu (L) - $21.20  
and Mango Bingsu (S) - $19.30.

Sad to say that it's quite disappointing...

Couldn't tell whether it's using milk ice shaved or just ice, because it's too plain and the only sweetness was mango syrup. Even my mango maniac daughter  prefer to her least favorite yogurt bingsu as the bingsu was milkier.

Overall, it's not worth the price for either small or big bowl!
This was the first time I saw miserable toppings that not even covered the whole bowl. It's so disappointing to pay a whooping $20 for a bowl which 90% filled with not so fluffy and not milky taste ice-shaved. It seemed promising when watching the video and nice spacious cafe with cool ambience. I recommended Nunsongyee (눈송이) and O'ma Spoon as they're yummier and very generous for the toppings.

 Ice Lab (아이스랩)
Orchard Shopping Centre (Somerset MRT)
321 Orchard Road #01-01/02, Singapore 238866 

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