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Modern Fusion Hanbok (퓨전한복)

Modern Fusion Hanbok | by Meheartseoul
Hanbok is a part of Korean history and cultural heritage that has been a treasured for more than 1,600 years as traditional costume of Korea. 

Started to love the beauty of Korea's hanbok after I watched 'Jewel in The Palace' (대장금). There are so many types of Hanbok dresses, and I particularly like Gisaeng hanbok, especially the hanboks of drama Hwang Jin Yi and Gu Family Book look so so attractive and pretty. That's the reason I went to GoGuan Photostudio for Gisaeng hanbok photoshoot on my previous trip.

Thanks to Koinmo for free ticket of Fantastick (판타스틱) Performance. I was so charmed by fanciful of fusion hanbok (퓨전한복) of The Gugak family. How I wish to have a hanbok, but the problem is do I really have chance to wear it in Singapore? I only have chance to war Cheongsam (Chinese Traditional dress) once a year.

I contacted few Fusion Hanbok stores after searching through their websites. But only two of the stores replied me. I decided to go to Mo Ran Bae Pil after agreed on rental fee stated on the website and free make-up and photoshoot at her house. Outdoor photoshoot with hanbok as background was not possible, as it's too cold outside.

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Hanbok's cutting is much on straight lines with slightly curved on sleeves. 

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Harmonize combination of short jacket (Jeogori) and 
wide pleated skirt (Chima) brings out the 
gracefulness of the wearer's body.

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
high placement of the waistband gives a billowy look of flowing lines,
 while retaining an airy voluminous of the skirt

There are so many patterns of Modern Hanbok. I got a hard time to chose between long, medium or mini skirt. Though they're all pretty, however I still prefer the classic traditional long bell-shaped skirt allows greater freedom of movements and no restriction on sitting styles like these...

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
'Manly' Me ㅋㅋ

It's a bit awkward when I saw the above sitting position, with combination of cross leg and squat position (one leg up with foot on the floor). But it somehow amazed me too, as somehow it give some power to it... Wow, it's so manly!!!

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
'Flamingo' legs position

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
I didn't sit on the the floor or the previous photo.
Supported my back on the wall, bent one knee 
on top of another knee like flamingo :P

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Jeogori (저고리) | Bolero (볼레로) | Chima (치마) only
Which style you prefer? Feminine with Jeogori? Gorgeous with Fur Bolero? 
or elegance in Chima without top jacket or vest?

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Modernized looks with some accessories...

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
necklace, Matching handbag, sunglasses, bracelet, ring,... 

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Photos before edited the backgrounds...

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
 Gisaeng style?!
Vintage corset with adjustable ribbon tie-up at the back
turned this chima to sexy dress without jeogori.
 (background photos credit to the owners)

Keen to rent or to own this fine and elegant fusion hanbok dress? Please don't hesitate to contact:
Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Our pretty and friendly Hanbok designer, Ms Kim Yoon-Ju 
Website: Mo Ran Bae Pil
Kakao / Line ID: moranbp

Message from Ms Kim:
세계인들이 퓨전한복 더 많이 사랑해주면 좋겠어요^^
(She'll be very happy if we all love fusion hanbok).
I'm pretty sure you all love these modernized hanboks too, right? ^^

Moranbaepil Modern Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복 |
Received these pretty Hanbok-style hairclips as souvenirs.
감사합니다, 윤쥬씨~^^

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