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Incheon - Soraepogu Traditional Fish Market (소래포구 어시장)

Not to miss attraction spot in Incheon Soraepogu | by Meheartseoul
Ms Kim was so nice to drop us to Incheon with her cute baby blue mini Cooper after Fusion Hanbok photo taking. Actually, they're heading to Lotte World, but she's driving us to Soraepogu instead of Oryu-dong station just because she knew that I love to go to beach.

"The sun hangs on the flags of ships returning to a port leaving behind the sun. You might think the ships are carrying the sun. At that moment, let's turn to the railroad bridge... Lean your body towards Siheung and Wolgot, and then turn your head to the right and hold your breath. You would enjoy the sun setting in Sorae that paints the small mountains and the sea with beautiful colors" (Source: Soraepogu Map)

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Fishing boats at Soraepogu Traditional Fish Market (소래포구어시장) 

Though it's near to Incheon metropolitan city, Soraepogu still maintaining the atmosphere of an old fishing village. 

Our top priority was to hunt for food as we're starving to the max! I might had took out the red bean breads that my friend bought for breakfast when tidy up my bag... 

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Luckily, we still have some strawberries for breakfast!

From Soraepogu Station, we walked and asked direction to the beach. And what we found was this traditional market near the fishing port. 

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Busy Soraepogu alleyways with stalls selling fresh seafood, various types of Kimchi, 
Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce (간장게장) and street food.

Quite similar to Jumunjin Fish Market in Gangneung, you can also buy fresh seafood at reasonable price here. It's just more crowded and busier here... maybe because it's Saturday and near to Incheon and Seoul.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Wow~~~ Surprise! see what we found here?!

Locals were sitting on the mat and having their freshly cut sashimi just in front of the stalls. It looked quite fun and you won't experience this everyday (no such place to dine like this in Singapore). 

This type of place is kinda nostalgic for me because I grew up in Indonesia... Occasionally we'll dine out outskirts in open spaces like this at fishing villages or fish farms. But they didn't serve sashimi, you can opted to grill or fry or steam the fish. Normally they serve it with boiled vegetables (lalapan) like cabbage, long beans, tapioca leaf (daun ubi), papaya leaf (daun pepaya) and belacan (terasi).

We went to one of the stall to select seafood (fish and sea squirts). Then looked for a place to sit and wait for Ajumma to prepare our food.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
some random photos while waiting... ㅋㅋ

You know?... sitting on the floor when eating can prevent you from over eating. Your stomach is pressed by your legs making it virtually impossible to eat full. It is better for your health~^^

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
 Super Fresh Sashimi - 20,000 Won

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
잘 ~~~ 먹겠습니다! ^^

It's nice to sit and  mingle with locals and enjoy our sashimi here with seagulls singing and cold sea breeze blowing to you.  Oh~ love it! 

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Chrysanthemum-shaped bread filled with red bean paste (Gukhwappang = 국화빵 )

Blame the cold weather, I need something hot to munch. We found a cart selling this traditional street snacks. We bought Gukhwappang and my hubby tested the taste of boiled silkworm larvae (번데기 = Beondegi)... yiuuks~! 

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Outside Soraepogu Fish Market.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Strolling around the city...

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
 Seafood restaurants along the street.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Fisherman (어부) sculpture.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
 Sauna, hotels and motels...

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
 Map of Incheon Metropolitan City

Key Attraction: 
~ Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
   The world's 5th largest bridge, selected as "10 Wonders of the Construction World"
   Incheon Bridge, the "Red Carpet" towards the world is an offshore bridge which connects the
   New Songdo City to Incheon International Airport.

~ Incheon Open Port - Chinatown (개항장 - 차이나타운)
   The fist Chinese Street in Korea with 120 years of history. The "pai-loo" (gate) at the entrance
   was recently built to celebrate the area based on Chinese traditions. 

   The neighborhood Samgukji Mural Street featuring major scenes from "The Romance of the 
   Three Kingdoms" along the street to Jayu Park.

~ Songdo Central Park (송도 센트럴공원)
   Eco-friendly park provides relaxation and entertainment with sculpture park, terraces, artificial
   waterways, water taxis and a moving stage.
   Visitors can ride the water taxi Michuhol in Korea's first sea park built with waterways.

~ Ganghwa Dolmen (강화 고인돌)
   There are more than 100 dolmens (Jiseokmyo) in Ganghwa area, both the southern and northern
   styles are mixed together. 

   Bugeunri Dolmen located in Dolmen Park is a typical northern style dolmen. It's designated as 
   UNESCO World Heritage site.

~ Baengnyeongdo Island (백령도)
   Baengnyeongdo is the closest island to North Korea. Originally it was the 13th largest island in 
   South Korea with size of 46.35 km. Now it is the 8th largest because of the reclamation project
   that connected Hwadong and Sagot Beach.

~ Soraepogu (소래포구)

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Lively Soraepogu city.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
So sad that we didn't catch the breathtaking golden sunset in Soraepogu...
need to go back to Seoul to meet my friend.

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
Upss... trot songs stopped me to go in to subway station...
Everybody~! Let's sing and dance!!!

Incheon Soraepogu Fish Market 소래포구어시장 |
1 Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong Namdong-gu Incheon

Direction by subway (32 stations): 
Seoul Station -> Oidobound (Line 4) -> Oido Songdobound (Suin Line) -> Soraepogu station
(about 1 hour 30 minutes)

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