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Namdaemun Market - Cutlass Fish (갈치조림) Alley

Seongyojang Hanok House - a must visit Tourist Attraction in Gangneung | by Meheartseoul
It took 1 hour 30 minutes from Soraepogu to Incheon. But, somehow it took a little bit longer as somehow my hubby told me that we need to transfer at Geumjeong station. Blurred as he suddenly woke me up from my nap, I just followed him out... So, it took a bit longer as we need to wait for the next train.

Anyway, we arrived in Seoul just in time and waited for my friend at Sejong hotel. We took taxi there after walked half way, as they're not sure the direction to walk to Namdaemun market.

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
Mr Bae, TK, my hubby and me ^^

I got to know Mr Bae 3 years back, as he was handling overseas shipment for Gmarket Korea. He's currently setting up a new cargo / freight forwarder company in Singapore. 

Mr Bae brought us to this old restaurant with 50-year history! Their specialty dish is braised cutlass (hair-tail) fish. 

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
Braised cutlass fish (갈치조림), Assorted grilled fish (모듬생선구이),
Soybean paste stew (청국장) & Steamed egg (계란찜)

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
Yes, this Braised hair-tail fish! The taste that I missed so much~! 

I only found out after tasting it. I told my friend that I guessed I had braised hair tail fish in Seogwipo. And TK confirmed that it's famous dish in Jeju Island.

It is made with fresh cutlassfish. In the past the dish was made with radish and soy sauce, but now it is seasoned with soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and gochujang sauce, so the dish is hot and spicy and red in color. The cutlassfish is prepared by being gutted and then cut into pieces that are 7 to 8 centimeters long. 

Rather thick radish slices are placed in the bottom of the pot. The cutlassfish slices are placed on top of the radishes and when the radish slices are cooked, minced garlic and ginger are added. The dish is braised for some time and the heat is turned off when the liquid begins to thin.

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
Night at Namdaemun Market.

It's not easy to find this restaurant, as there are a lot of others similar restaurants selling braised cutlass fish. When we asked for the direction, they asked us to go inside their restaurants.ㅎㅎ

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
Cutlass fish (갈치조림 = Galchi Jorim) Alley 

You can see a lot of signboards that they're recommended by MBC, KBS, SBS TV channels. And another restaurant was being featured in Running Man TV Show. 

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
앙식당  갈치조림
Ang Restaurant 752-2892
Hoehyeon Station Line 4 (Exit 5)
Namdaemun, Seoul

Ok, now I know where to eat this delicious braised hair-tail fish with radish and spicy sauce in Seoul~!^^

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
FYI... according to Mr. Bae, the office space rental 
around this Toegye-ro (Hoehyeon Station) area is 
the most expensive in Seoul!

Food - Namdaemun Cutlass Fish 갈치조림 |
@Cafe Bene for a drink after our dinner before going back to hotel

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