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Visit Korea Special VIP Tour [Day 1-3]

Visit Korea Special Invitation VIP Tour: Kondae Common Ground| by Meheartseoul
Actually, our first day mission was to find Tourist Police. When we walked to Hello Kitty Cafe, we saw two tourist polices in front of their office booth. But, Japanese and Taiwanese teams were surrounded them taking turn to take photos. 

We didn't wait because Kim eonni said she'll find for us other handsome tourist police later. I happily shouted "Hooray~! Let's go!" but suddenly Kim eonni added: "For singles only, you married already!" Hiks hiks... "Eon~niii, why so unfair?!" LOL!!!

|   |
Should you need any assistance when you're in Korea, don't hesitate to
approach them for help. You can easily spot them patrolling around major 
shopping streets such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Hongdae and Itaewon.

Anyway, English team managed to complete this mission
on our 3rd day. My selfie with friendly Tourist Police in 
Myeongdong. Thank you Mr Police.

Random photo because they're too cute.


~ Common Ground (커먼 그라운드 ) ~

It took one hour ride from Hongdae to Kondae Common Ground. I slept on the way there, and only opened my eyes when there was traffic congestion. It's peak hour as people were commuting back home, and partly because it's still drizzling.

Was quite excited when Kim eonni told that we can select what we want to eat for our dinner from the food trucks found on the Market Ground.

But too bad... most of the trucks vendors not coming there because of the rain.  

Common Ground was opened in Apr 2015. It's the largest container shopping mall in the world with 200 containers stacked up to create this unique design pop-up stores.

Although Kim eonni said that we can have our free time to go around,
but I didn't want to lost my way as I have no sense of direction.

At the end we all stick together like glue and go one round 
the stores on the first and second floor which mostly were
boutiques selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

On the third floor were occupied with restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Take 'few' selfies because I'm wearing blue jacket, which is almost the
same color as these containers. (is it a good excuse?! sorry... :P)

Ups... Jas eonni's and Nat's faces were covered by the sticker.

Add: 200, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Operating Hour: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Direction: Konkuk University Station (Exit 6).


~ Dore Dore Cafe (도레도레 카페 ) ~
(Dore Dore in French means 'Golden')

KTO and our guide really take care us like their children. 
They afraid that we might be starving as it'll take about an hour to reach Insadong...

 So, Kim eonni brought us to Dore Dore cafe to have 'appetizer' before our dinner.

Tell me who can resist this sweet looking cakes?! 
You know I can't! I like to eat cake. Thank you for this sweet treats! 

BTW, this interesting cafe even gave their signature layered cakes cute and fun 'nicknames' such as:  

기분좋아 케이크 (Feel Good Cake) is the pleasant nickname for eye-catching
'Rainbow Cream Cheese Cake' (무지개 크림치즈). Price:  ₩9,500 / slice.
Oh My God (오마이갓 케이크) for M&M 'Choco Choco Choco Cake',
Chic Cake (시크해 케이크) for Oreo 'Cookie Red Velvet Cake',
Shooting Star (셔팅스타 케이크) for 'Lemon Fresh Cream Cake'
Our orders: Fruit Cake (촉촉해 케이크 = Get Moist) - ₩7,500
and Carrot Cake (축하해 케이크 - Congratulations) - ₩8,500

Jas eonni didn't eat because she's afraid that there might be non-halal ingredients in the cakes. Sorry... Eonni... So, only five of us shared yummylicious Strawberry + Kiwi Fruit Cake and Carrot cake with cream cheese and cinnamon. 
  'Congratulations' to our tummies for getting some 'Moisture' from the cakes~! :P 

|  | 
Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Juice, Athie).
Price range: ₩5,000 - ₩8,000



~ Eomeoni Saengseon (어머니 생선 ) ~

 Arrived at Insadong at 7pm, which it's only 6pm in Singapore.

Kim eonni brought us to eat grilled mackerel fish.

|  |
On top of that, she also ordered haemuljeon (seafood pancake),
and even ordered a bottle of Makgeolli for us. ^^

While waiting for food, we cleared the 'hierarchy' among six of us:
~ Big Sister (왕언니 = Wang Eonni): Kim Eonni
~ Second Sister (두째 언니 = Duljjae Eonni) : Jas Eonni
~ Sister (언니): Me~^^

잘 먹겠습니다! (Jal Meokkessseumnida).
Thank you for the food. We'll eat well.

Add: 36-1 Jongno-gu Insadong (2nd floor), Seoul.  
Direction: Jongno 3-ga Exit 5 or Jonggak Station Exit 11.
Tel: 02 737 4082 | HP: 010 8499 3225.

This trip is made possible by VisitKorea organised by Korea  Tourism Organization. 


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