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September in Samcheok Beach and Jukseoru Pavilion [Day 5]

Beautiful spots in Samcheok: Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion | by Meheartseoul 2. Samcheok Beach (삼척해변)

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
~Samcheok Beach~

It took about 15 minutes drive from Chuam to Samcheok.

Samcheok Beach has a vast clean white-sand beach that is 1.2 kilometres long and 100 meters wide with shallow water and surrounded by pine trees.

Its beautiful natural environment has also made it a favourite filming location such as April Snow, One Fine Spring Day, and South of the Sun.

To be frank, I was quite disappointed and sad as Mr Nam didn't even stop at the places that I listed down for him. We supposed to stop at Jumunjin Lighthouse and Yeongok Beach the day before, and again we didn't stop at Mangsang BeachMangyeongdae and Samcheok Beach for this tour.

I did some research and create K-spots for the places that I wanted to visit, and arrange which spot to visit first using K-tour and I have the addresses for all the places, so we shouldn't have missed them. But, sigh... we didn't even stop for a minute.

Please enjoy the view of Samcheok Beach from my video recording, as I don't have any photo to show (the above photo is still cut from this video)

Samcheok Romantic Road

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
View of Samcheok Romantic Road 

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
various sculptures using stone and metal statues.

You can see the harmonious beautiful Samcheok blue-beach, green-mountain, white-sand, brown-rock, clear sky and artistic touch to create romantic atmosphere of this road.

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
Lady with Violin and Snailfish-water fountain.
About 5 minutes drive from Romantic Road, there're few seafood restaurants. Actually I wanted to eat Chodang Sundubu, but this restaurant not serving it.

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
Snailfish Soup (Gomchi Guk = 곰치국)

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
13 types of Banchan ^^
We ordered local speciality of Samcheok, Gomchi Guk (Snailfish Soup). It has unique and refreshing taste. It’s also good to relieve from hangovers.

Previously, Gomchi Guk was enjoyed only by people living in Gangwon area during winter, but now is considered as a nationwide delicacy throughout four seasons.

Maybe this snailfish is more expensive than those fish for sashimi and soup in Jumunjin. This big bowl of soup only has one fish inside, therefore it's quite tasteless. We still prefer the meal we had in Jumunjin with Sashimi and sweet and tasty soup.

Total we paid 72,000 won (60,000 won for Gomchi Soup and 12,000 won Bibimbap for Mr. Nam).

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
Fresher with Cass Fresh Beer? ;P

3. Jukseoru Pavilion (죽서루)

Jukseoru (죽서루 = 竹西樓) means "Bamboo West Pavilion"

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
It's not known when Jukseoru Pavilion was constructed,
but estimated it was existed around 1266, as there was a poem of Jukseoru
written by Geukgi Kim, scholar from the time of King Myeongjong of Goryeo Dynasty.

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
It is one of the eight major attractions of Gwandong District in middle eastern Korea
collectively known as Gwandong Palgyeong (eight famous sites).

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
Sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking Osipcheon Stream with nice view of Samcheok city.

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
9 of the 17 pillars have foundations of natural rocks on the cliff as cornerstones,
 and others stand on bases of stones

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
five-girder paljak (ancient-style roof) is a hipped and gabled roof
in style and has double eaves.

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
signboards inside Jukseoru Pavilion.

Upper story of  Jukseoru has 7 'kan' (measurement referring to the space between two columns). There are 26 signboards inscriptions written by famous ancient scholars hanging here, such as:
- 'Jeilgyeongjeong' ('The best riverside pavilion'; 1662) by Heo Mok,
- 'Jukseoru' and 'Gwandong Jeilru' ('The best pavilion in Gwandong'; 1711) by Yi Seong-jo, 
- 'Haeseon Yuhui Jiso' ('The place that marine gods enjoy'; 1837) by Yi Gyu-heon 
Others who have left their marks include King Sukjong (1674-1720), King Jeongjo (1776-1800) and Yulgok YiYi (1536-1584).

Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
The Pillar is not original.
 The floor is 'Umulmaru' (checker-shaped floor) in style.
It's one of the best examples of traditional naturalistic architecture,and the finest tower structure in Gwandong district of Gangwon-do.
Evidently, Jukseoru Pavilion has served as an inspiration, and continues to inspire visitors today through the stunning view of its surrounding nature.

 Trip to Samcheok & Jukseoru Pavilion |
now, please close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through this
nice greenish bamboo path to Jukseoru Pavilion~~~

From entrance, turn to your left... else, you'll need to climb the rock (check the video below) to get to the pavilion.

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