Thursday, 11 June 2015

[Seoul] - Center Mark Hotel

Recommended Hotel in Seoul: CenterMark Hotel | Meheartseoul
The first 2 nights we stayed in Sejong Hotel, and we booked our last 2 nights in CenterMark Hotel.  The location of this hotel is a plus point as it's nearby to major tourist attractions such as Unhyeongung, Gyeongbokgung, and Gwanghwamun. For shopaholic, a 10 - 20 minutes stroll will bring you to shopping districts such as Insadong, Samcheongdong, or Myeongdong.
The front desk lady really friendly and helpful.

The receptionist able to converse fluently in English. She asked us to rest at the lobby, while she helped us to process our check-in with our passports and Agoda booking confirmation. After that, she came to our seats, walked us to the lift and even pressed the lift button. Then she handed us the room card and wished us a happy stay with her nice smile.
A decent sized Standard Double Room.
Clean and comfortable room with modern facilities.
Bathroom with bathtub, warmed water and heated seat bidet.
This is famous Jongno Tower, what a great view from our hotel window.
Free Wifi internet connection in the room,
It's time for Olleh WiFi Router (Pocket WiFi) to rest and recharge :)
Quite rare to find 3 pins socket together with 2 pin socket.
Great to have additional socket because we have so many devices 
to recharge. You know batteries lose power quickly due to cold temperature.
 Art de Chef Buffet Restaurant.
 Breakfast : 7am ~ 10am  |  Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3pm  | Supper : 6pm ~ 10pm

Our room is not included breakfast. We actually wanted to try their lunch buffet, but it was already closed after we check-in the room, so we'd Ginseng Chicken Soup at Mogyo Samgyetang (무교 삼계탕) which is just opposite the hotel.
There are some restaurants and cafes at this food alley behind the hotel.
Can you see that gigantic office building?
Top Cloud (탑클라우드) restaurant sitting on top of this 33-storey Jongno Tower.
Imagine myself enjoying tasty meal and majestic view of Seoul!
Walk to the end of the alley and you'll find subway station.
Jonggak Subway Station is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.
Jonggak underground shopping center~^^
In front of YMCA, you can find airport Limousine Bus.
We took this bus to Incheon Airport. It's more convenience
rather than carrying luggage to Seoul Station and take AREX.                
 Kill time while waiting for the airport bus :P

I was left alone, as hubby took early flight. Actually wanted to go to airport earlier, but don't feel like to drag heavy luggage... so just spent a lazy morning gazing out from the window and silently say goodbye to Seoul.
Sigh... missing Seoul already though I'm still in Seoul!
When can I see you again my lovely Seoul?!

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