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[Spice Market] - Tantalizing Korean Buffet Dinner

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we were treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet
Novotel Lombok is thoughtful and know how to pamper their guests. They make sure you don't need to eat the same boring menu everyday by arranging different theme buffet and show every night! 

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Thematic Buffet Dinner @Novotel Lombok.

We're so thankful for the complimentary dinner at Spice Market. Actually, even if we need to pay for the dinner, we'll still choose to have it there as it's more convenient. We really want to rest after spent whole day outside.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Spice Market (left) and Breeze Bar (right).

Not only that, we've been warned by relatives and friends not to go out on our own at night. Even local tour agency or driver did tell us to skip some of the places for safety reason. Well, maybe it's not as safe as in Bali yet.

For those with weaker stomach or low immune system especially children, please be careful to select clean restaurant if you wish to dine outside. We don't want our holiday ruined by food poisoning because of poor standards of food hygiene. Yeah, it's better safe than sorry...

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
 Spice Market Restaurant facing Putri Nyale Beach.

Surprised as we didn't expect to taste Korean cuisine in Lombok. I guessed this Korean buffet must be Mr Choi's brainchild. Although Korean food seems simple, but the real preparation  is really no joke. I think he and his wife must have put a lot of efforts teaching the chefs how to cook these delicious, healthy and hearty meal.

Personally, I think it's a compelling buffet theme that it's hard to resist by tourists especially after Hallyu (한류 = Korean Wave) drew so much attention from all corners of the world with K-dramas and K-pop.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
 Omo~! It's so romantic with lighted heart-shape on the hill.
~~~Love is in the air~~~

We're totally in love with the settings and the entire atmosphere. '아저씨 (Ajusshi)' was played on the background when we stepped in the restaurant. The selection of  Korean songs perfectly matched the theme and creating enjoyable and relaxing dining ambiance.

Tadaa~!!! Impressed with the sumptuous spread of All You Can Eat Korean Buffet:
[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
You can find familiar Beef Bulgogi, Grilled eel,

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Gyeran mari (Korean egg roll),

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Sauteed vegetables and local sambal sotong.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
 BBQ corner has lots of selection including Shrimp, Squid, Fishcake, 
Lamb Sate, Chicken Sate and Galbi (Beef Short Ribs).

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
The most busy station with two chefs helping guests to BBQ,
stocking sate, shrimp and sotong.

They smartly placed the grill far far away from the seating, so no need to worry that your body will stink with BBQ smoke. Btw, you don't even need to BBQ the food, the chefs will gladly help you and you only need to come back in few minutes.

 [Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Happy hubby collected his BBQ food hot from the grill.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Pungent smell of various types of fermented Kimchi: 
Seafood Kimchi Salad | Korean Beef Salad | Cabbage Kimchi |  
Salad Cucumber Kimchi | Kimchi Soup.

I tried most of the main dishes except for Bibimbap and Kimchi Fried Rice. I'd  these two dishes almost 2-3x per week when sending my daughter to her tuition. I also skipped those with beef. Overall, they were quite delicious and satisfy my taste buds. 정말 맛있어요~!^^

Actually, I was expecting to see typical Korean Fried Chicken, because it's easier to prepare and usually pair with beer. Chimaek (치맥  = Chicken + Maekju/Beer) is Cheon Song Yi's favorite snack in romantic K-drama 'My Love From the Star.'

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Mouth-watering sweet treats at dessert counter.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Hotteok, Kiwi Tartlet, Rice Pudding, Orange Pancake, Mochi,Pumpkin Tart and 
Wedang Ronde (Javanese dessert similar to 'Tang Yuan' Glutinous Rice Balls).

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner | 
 I got a real sweet tooth! Really couldn't resist those sweet desserts.

Completed my meal with three rounds of desserts, as I craving for Korean desserts and as you know  my tummy allocated larger space for  desserts. I couldn't stop eating the unique taste of rice pudding, sweet pancake and kiwi tartlet. Actually hotteok quite nice too if it's softer.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Drinks not included in Buffet.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Guests enjoying movie screening and relaxing on bean chairs on the beach.

It's our first time having Korean Buffet by the beach. We won't forget the feeling and the tantalizing meal. It's like we're dating and having candle light dinner. Thanks for the yummylicious dinner and romantic night! 

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Spice Market occupied huge open space facing beach with tall thatched roof
which allowing adequate sunlight and good ventilation inside the restaurant.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Nice and clean restaurant to have a pleasant meals.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner | 
Spice market restaurant also serve breakfast and lunch.

[Spice Market] - Korean Buffet Dinner |
Breakfast Buffet - Rp. 157,000
Korean Dinner Buffet - Rp. 240,000

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