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[Lombok] - Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안)

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It took about 2 hours from Novotel Lombok to Senggigi...

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 We didn't know that our driver not joining us to Gili Islands.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 The owner of the boat came to Kila Senggigi Hotel 
then walked us to the Senggigi Harbour.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 We just carried our necessary items such as: snorkeling mask, inflatable life vest, 
towels, sunscreen and left our luggage in the car boot. 

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Our package actually included the snorkeling masks, fins, and life vests. 

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 The owner of the boat handed those items and our snacks to the boatman.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 A lot of people waiting at the harbor for public boats.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 We rented private boat for island hopping to
Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Nice contrast of yellow and blue colors~!^^

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
 Heading to Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |   Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |   Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Ok, let's prepare our snorkeling stuffs!

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
We bought our own manually inflate 'The Nice' life vests and snorkel masks.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |  Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Dr Bearie Bear say cheese~!^^

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Dr Bear with Totoro.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |   Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Reaching soon...

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |   Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Glass bottom boat.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |   Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Boatman told us to snorkeling here.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
~Plunge into the warm wavy water~

But my hubby was struggling less than 5 minutes in the water. I quickly pushed him back to the boat and opened his mask. He was shocked by the waves and took a deep breath. But, because of deep and quick breath, the ball inside the mask blocked the air pipe causing him unable to breath. 

I took off his mask when he mentioned that he couldn't breath. He didn't do so because he was afraid that he couldn't swim without the mask. I think he's just shaked and worried too much. So, me and the boatman helped him to get back to the boat to rest. 

Then, I continued to snorkel around...

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
To be frank, I was really lazy to post this because the reviews or
the tour agency's advertisement was a bit overstatement.

You'll agree with me if you visit to others Gili such as Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis,  Gili Bidara and Gili Petelu.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Don't mention about sea turtles, for 30 minutes snorkeling
I only found this school of small fish.

The water was not as warm as in Phi Phi Island, but the waves were calmer. However, I saw lots of beautiful fish in Phi Phi Island though it's only 5-10 minutes snorkeling due to the strong waves. 

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Not sure whether the boatman brought us to the wrong spot. 

It's kinda unique experience when I snorkeling here because the water temperatures were different. So, when you snorkeling sometimes your body can feel warm on one side and cold on the other side. Especially when sudden waves suddenly hit you with cold water. It's so refreshing.

However, that's all and nothing else...

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) | 
Corals inhabit here didn't have lots of species
or colorful enough to attract me.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
However, there were coral cultivation or farming around here.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |
Hope, after that we can see more beautiful and colorful corals.
 (This photo is after adjusted the brightness and saturation).

Back to the boat, I saw my hubby was resting and he complained that he's a bit seasick because of the strong waves. He vomited and I was busy attending to him. Then, suddenly I realized that our boat not heading to Trawangan. When I asked the boatman why not heading to Trawangan, he just ignored my question?!!

I prompted him that I wanted to go there to take photos. Added that my hubby was feeling unwell, so it's nearer to go to Gili Trawangan for rest and have lunch there. But, he just acted like nothing happen and headed straight to Gili Meno.

Gili Trawangan (길리 트라왕안) |

Argghhh, so what's the purpose of me taking this private tour?!!

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