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[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡)

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡)| by Meheartseoul Kidzania Children’s Job Experience Theme Park (???? ??????? ????)| by Meheartseoul
I assumed that this hotteok shop was the one recommended by the cafe owner. Even if it's wrong, at least must be quite popular and yummy enough that it's shown on various TV variety programs. Why not give it a try, right?

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
But, did I read them correctly 두유호떡 / 치즈호떡 / 아이스호떡
(Soy Milk Hotteok / Cheese Hotteok / Ice cream Hotteok)?

Hotteok (Korean sweet pancake) is one of my favorite street foods in Korea. You can find hotteok cart / van almost at every shopping streets such as Hongdae, Sinchon and Myeongdong. My son also love to eat it because it's sweet, but my daughter didn't like the cinnamon taste. But, it won't go wrong if it's filled with cheese, because she likes to eat cheese.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
What a giant clay furnace.
So, it's really baked hotteok as shown on the photo?!

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | 
Hotteok normally pressed on greased griddle,
at KTO Singapore we learned how to make Hotteok
using non-stick frying pan and added oil to fry it.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | 
If you're health conscious person, this baked hotteok is 
definitely healthier because no oil added on it.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | 
Maybe because facing this traditional oven, I'd impression that 
I was ordering pizza instead of hotteok.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
 Jeondong Hotteok Menu.

Since I never tried all of the 4 flavors to choose (not including ice-cream),  so I simply ordered one each: Sweet Hotteok (두유벌끌호떡 ) made with soymilk and filled with savory and sweet brown sugar, peanut and honey, Philladelphia Cream Cheese Hotteok (치즈호떡), Garlic Hotteok (마늘호떡) and 임실치즈호떡 (Imsil Cheese Hotteok).   

They also sell Ice Cream Hotteok, Original Grilled rice cake (가래떡 구이), Grilled rice cake with honey, Grilled Imsil Cheese rice cake, Americano, Coffee Latte, Coffee Mocha, Caramel Machiato, Royal Milk Tea, Hot Choco, Chrysanthemum Tea, Lotus Tea, Grapefruit Tea, Lemon Tea, and Ade (Coconut Mango, Grapefruit, Grape, Cherry).

There is some discount if you order set menu:
1. Sweet Hotteok + Cream Cheese or Garlic Hotteok : KRW 4,000 (Save KRW 500).
2. Sweet Hotteok + Sweet Hotteok + Sweet Hotteok : KRW 5,000 (Save KRW 1,000).
3. Sweet Hotteok + Cream Cheese + Garlic Hotteok : KRW 6,000 (Save KRW 1,000).

There is no set menu for all the flavors, but I paid KRW 9,000 nstead of paying KRW 10,000. So, it's  like order set no. 3 and add Imsil Cheese Hotteok.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
The owners or staffs were busy on the kitchen worktop, and I was observing
this cute painting with tons of heart shapes and hanok houses on the oven.

Only after taking order, they started to weight the dough, knead and roll the dough before insert the filling. Then put on the pan and sent them to this lovely yellow dome oven for baking. 

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
Asked permission to go inside and take photo of the oven.

They must have very good memory because they need to remember the position for hotteok on the baking pan, or else they'll mess up the orders. Or maybe put marking on the hotteok? Well, I'm not sure as I didn't notice the marking.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | 
Be prepared to wait for at least 10 minutes for them to prepare 
fresh bake hotteok and hot out from the oven for you.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
Story of Hotteok...

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | 
Outside was too cold, so it's nice to stand in front of 
this heater fan and wait for my orders!

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) | [Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
It's good that they indicated the flavors on the paper bag,
either with manually hand written or stamped on it.  

The paper box also quite creative with fire image on the oven door. My itchy fingers playing with the door and peeping whether my hotteok were ready to go for the next process! Yes... going to go through my digestive system without any guilt because as stated on the box, their hotteok was made using soymilk and baked in the oven... so it's healthy hotteok!^^

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
 Waiting for another hotteok to come in the box.

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
Although they're selling snacks and drinks but it's not cafe.

You can either take-away or mucnh it while strolling around beautiful Jeonju Hanok Village. I just walked back to Springtime Cafe (카페 봄날) as kids were playing with big dog there.

Let's not fight... let's divide each hotteok to 4 slices
so it's fair and can equally taste 4 different flavors!

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
 Beware of beware of hot fillings inside! 
Zhi said no need to worry for he could handle the hot but yummy food,
because it's torturing to see this tasty hotteok but couldn't taste it! ^^

Hhhmmm why it looks like mini thin crust pizza to me? Especially with the cheese and garlic fillings. We finished all the hotteok in less than 5 minutes?! I thought that they said they're not hungry earlier?

It's really suitable to eat as a snack in the winter. It's good to exercise your mouth and face so it's not frozen and can have irresistible rosy cheeks like cutie Zhi without need to apply blusher~^^

[Jeonju] - Jeondong Hotteok (전주 전동호떡) |
Jeondong Hotteok (전동호떡)
61-5 Gyo-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do.
Weekdays: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Weekends: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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