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101 News about Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018

Are you excited for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics?

In my previous post, I shared the venue where 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted, introduced official mascots Soohorang and Bandabi and recommended nearby tourist attractions.

For this post, I'll re-share some interesting news, useful information and others things related to Pyeongchang Olympics. Please revisit this post as it'll be updated frequently...


The 2018 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXIII Olympic Winter Games (평창 동계 올림픽), and commonly known as PyeongChang 2018, is a major international multi-sport event scheduled to take place from 9 to 25 February 2018, in Daegwallyeong-myeon, South Korea.  

The elected host city was announced on 6 July 2011 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), after the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, South Africa. Other candidates that applied to host the games were Annecy, France and Munich, Germany. Pyeongchang won on its third consecutive bid, having lost previously to Vancouver in Canada and Sochi in Russia.  

It will be the first Winter Olympic Games and second Olympic Games in South Korea; the 1988 Summer Olympics were held in Seoul. Pyeongchang will also be the third East Asian city to host the Winter Games after Sapporo, Japan (1972), and Nagano, Japan (1998); and the first Winter Games in Continental Asia. (Source: Wikipedia)


Passion. Connected.

'Passion' symbolizes Pyeongchang is opening a new era of festivity, and Korea's warm-heartedness.

'Connected' implies that Pyeongchang is where Korea's leading technology, the convergence of traditional and modern cultures promote cross-generational participation and mutual inspiration.

People. Connected.  ----------------: The Olympics connect people
Possibility. Connected.  ------------: The Olympics open possibilities
Peace. Connected.  ------------------: The Olympics promote peace
Pyeongchang. Connected.  --------: PyeongChang Winter Olympics
Power. Connected.  -----------------: The Olympics create new power
Place. Connected.  ------------------: The Olympics unite the world

Useful Links

Theme song for the PyeongChang 2018
Olympic Torch Relay! 

The PyeongChang 2018 Torch Relay theme song 'Let Everyone Shine' conveys the message that the Olympic flame will shine upon everyone's dreams, passion, and future, anytime and anywhere, to help realize their potential and open up new horizons!🔥🔥🔥  
-see more at 👉 PyeongChang 2018. Youtube (

 Football icon Park Ji-sung named 
1st Torchbearer for PyeongChang 2018

South Korean football icon Park Ji-sung has been named the first torchbearer for the first Winter Olympics to take place in his native country.

The organizing committee for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games said Wednesday that Park, the former men's national team captain, will carry the torch first after the lighting and handover ceremonies in Ancient Olympia, Greece, on Oct. 24.
-see more at (

Happy Chuseok
2018 Pyeongchang Olympic medals.

 I love this simple yet elegance design including the presentation casing.

2018 Pyeongchang Olympic medals are mainly inspired by Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) and represent the athletes' passion & effort for the Games.

Phoenix Snow Park


Phoenix Snow Park will be the venue for freestyle skiing and snowboard. (Source)

Online General Ticket Sales

Online general sales for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang2018 have opened on 5 Sep 2017 in Korea which are on the first-come-first-served basis. (Source) 

Fun activities to do during summer in Gangwon

The upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics have been scheduled to take place in various cities in Gangwon as it is known as the heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. However, did you know that Gangwon is a destination to go all year round?

Watch the latest episode of Travel SSBD – Destination Korea to discover the fun activities you can do during summer in Gangwon! (Source)

Yellow Cosmos Flowers at the Olympic Complex


On Aug. 28, yellow cosmos flowers burst into bloom at the Olympic Complex covering about 1 square kilometer in Pyengchang-eup Village, Pyeongchang-gun, Ganwon-do Province, attracting citizens and tourists alike.  (Source: Pyeongchang Country Office)

Sea Train

Interested in a special train trip? Your one and only Sea Train journey off the East Coast of Korea awaits you! (Source)

 How to travel to Gangwon: 
Only 5 USD GoGo Gangwon Shuttle Service!

Gangwon is full of amazing festivals throughout year but many travelers face the transportation issue. So Gangwon province has come up with “One-Stop-Service” called “GoGoGangwon bus”. This GoGoGangwon bus takes you directly from Seoul to local festival spot in Gangwon without any transit!  Shall we go for a ride with GoGoGangwon bus service?    

Step 1:  you will need to visit the website
Step 2: Please make sure to log in! You can click the festival icon and make a booking. You can choose the boarding spot, arrival spot and date. 
Boarding Spot 1
Woori Bank, Exit 100 meters from Exit 8 of Hongik University (07:30 AM)     
Boarding Spot 2
Exit 6, Gwanghwamun Subway Station, at the parking lot of Donghwa duty free shop (08:00 AM)     Boarding Spot 3
Exit No.2 of Myeong-dong Station_Prince Hotel (08:20 AM)  

Place of Arrival 1
Exit 10 of Myeong-dong Station_Sejong Hotel     
Place of Arrival 2
Yongsan Station

In case you have any inquiry, you may reach out to +82-2-2063-3543 or Happy riding and enjoy the festival! (Source)

 Fireworks Festival to Celebrate 
G-200 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 
 To celebrate G-200 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, a magnificent fireworks festival 
will be held at Chuncheon Station on the 22nd of July from 5:00 PM. 

There will be various cultural performances and fire shows to share the progress of the 
preparation for the Olympics with the public. More information: Gangwon Korea

Girl’s Day named as an Honorary Ambassador
for PyeongChang Winter Games

Make your story at PyeongChang!

Share the passion. Make your story at PyeongChang! See you in Korea~



Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Recommended Tour
The Green Road Following the Green Grasslands.

 Articles and Images: KTO

Alpensia Ski Jump Stadium.

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch.

Unyuchon Village.

 Anbandegi Unyugil Trail.

Olympic Day (23 June)
Join the movement being active in connection with Olympic Day.

My kids and I plunged to the pool for swimming and diving as usual. However, because #GetActive movement, we did aqua cycle and water treadmill to top up our routine exercise. For more videos, please check my IG account.

   The Ambassadors of PyeongChang 2018!

Photo credit:

Big Bang's Taeyang (태양) is the new Honorary Ambassador for  the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The ceremony of appointment is held today, 21 June at  the Korean Press Center in Seoul. He'll be participating in producing a song for Winter Olympics Games. You can check out his video about Pyeongchang Olympics here.

Photo credit:
In addition to Taeyang, a total of 30 ambassadors including popular iconic sporting figures and from the entertainment , music and culture such as Kim Yuna, Shin Soo Choo, Tae-bum Mo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Won Bi, Sumi Jo and others to promote and ensure the success of PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Gangwondo next year. 
 Ticket Prices for Pyeong Chang 2018 
Paralympics Winter Game (9 - 18 Mar 2018)

 For more details:
5 Best Dishes in Pyeong Chang


 I tasted the authentic Chodang Soondubu at
Seongyojang Hanok House in Gangneung.

Source: NowPyeongchang

Soohorang and Bandabi 1st Birthday
(2 June 2016)
생일축하해 우리 수호랑 와 반다~!
Wishing you all become the most shinning and lovable mascots ever.
I hope to see you and give big big hugs and kisses...

 'The torch relay for Olympic Winter Games'
Pyeongchang Olympic 2018 will glow with passion with the slogan of
'Let Everyone Shine' across 17 cities and provinces of total
2,018 km in 101 days with a total of 7,500 torch bearers.
The methods of torch relaying also fun, unique and interesting
which including Turtle Ship, Hwangpo Sailboat, Marine
Cable Car, Zip line, Steam engine, Railbike and Yatch.


PyeongChang 2018 Official Store
Lotte Department Store @Myeongdong Branch 9th floor.
You can grab hundreds of cute Soohorang and adorable Bandabi souvenirs now!
I would like to collect others items like room sandals, flask or water bottle,
pouch, bag and earpieces if it's available... 


Gangneung Danoje Festival
27 May - 3 June 2017
For more information:


PyeongChang2018 Olympic Torch Relay Routes
 A total of 7,500 torchbearers will take part in the Olympic Torch Relay,
 making its journey around 17 cities and provinces around Korea Peninsula for 101 days.

The general route of the Relay is planned as follows:
  • From 24 October 2017 in Greece, starting with the traditional flame-lighting ceremony in Olympia.
  • 1 November 2017 the Olympic flame will arrive in the city of Incheon.
  • 9 February: lighting of the cauldron during the Opening Ceremony of the Games 

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay will inspire a generation and bring people together from different cultures, races, and religions,” promised POCOG President Lee Hee-beom. “As the torchbearers carry the torch for 101 days, we are confident that the flame will truly ‘Let Everyone Shine’ and spark passion and excitement before the Games. (Source)


Tasty of Gangwon

(Buckwheat Noddles, Chodang Sundubu, Codfish Soup)
 Source: Gangwon Korea


Gangwon-do's Perfect Attractions for visitors coming to 
2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

(Jeongdongjin Beach, Ojukheon, Woljeongsa Temple, Daegallyeong
Haneul Ranch, Jeongseon Byeongbangchi Skywalk, Samtan Art Mine)
Source: Gangwon Korea


= Open Call for the Development of Olympic Art Posters =

Check the official websites for more information:
Olympic poster:
Paralympic poster:

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