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[Jeonju] - Quality of Cooking Premium Salad Bar (해류뭄해리)

We'd to go back to Jeonju after Buyeo City Tour by train because I'm familiar with Gongju. We need to get a pair of new shoe for my daughter before the sole totally torn off, but we didn't see any shops or shopping centre near Gongju Station.

Jeonju Station.

As we saw lots of illuminated shop signages,
we tried our luck to check whether any shoe shop
or sports store selling shoes.

 We took taxi to Jeonju JIFF Street after failed to
find a shoe shop near the station.

Came here because this was the only place I knew and sure
we can find shoe and food there because we're came here before.

 Increased our walking speed to browse every possible stores
that selling boots or sport shoes because it's extremely cold and we're hungry.

 Bought this pair of NEPA Footwear - about SGD 110.00 after discount.

 I only found out that NEPA is Korean brand after received this good quality 
jacket from  and Jeon Ji Hyun is their model for outdoor sportswear.

 Actually my hubby and I wanted to go to Makgeolli House
for our dinner and a good drink but afraid that kids are not allowed.

 Since we're nearby Novelina Shopping Mall, we decided to go to
All That Barbecue (올댓바베큐) Salad Buffet.

 But 'All That Barbecue (올댓바베큐)' was not there and this place was
occupied with another Salad Bar Restaurant.

It's now 'Quality of Cooking Premium Salad Bar'
(해류뭄해리 = Refreshing rain falls after drought)

Wow... why so coincidence that 2 of the buffet restaurants we visited before no longer operating. On the first day we went to Ashley Queens without knowing that the restaurant was D'maris Buffet Restaurant.Btw, we also noticed that Ashley also opened their branch at on basement 1 Novelina mall. 

It's almost 8pm when we arrived there. The waitress asked us to wait
and she went to check. After that we're guided to our table.

Casual buffet dining experience with different 
spread of good quality food on the buffet hall.

The interior settings only changed a bit from previous restaurant. Just that this current one is more Korean-style and previous one was American-style. They used the old dining tables and chairs.

We're confused to see these small plates of tantalizing cooked meat on 온세미로 counter.

The waitress came to us, wrote the dishes on 
the paper with our table number. After that she 
told the chef our orders...

I think 온세미로 is for cooking meat and this 마닐마닐 counter is for vegetable.

Vegetables wraped with eggplant, citron bellflower root,
fried sweet potato, honey butter apple salad,...

Apperently 온세미로 and 마닐마닐 counters are live kitchen where you can order the dishes show on the display plates. The chefs will cook it and the best part is you don't need to stand there and wait because the hot cooked food will be delivered to your table.

 달보드레 is serving fried foods and salad...

Yangnyum (sweet, sour, & spicy) Fried Chicken, Original Fried chicken,
Tempura Prawn, Ganjang (soy sauce) Chicken, Cajun Chiken Salad
and Smoked Duck Salad with mustard dressing.

 Cold salad, Kimchi, Rice, Condiments and fresh vegetables for ssam...

Potato Salad, Cold Jellyfish, Chewy Korean noddle,...

Dessert counter with traditional snacks,  croissant, bread and cookies,
Red Rooibos Tea and Peach Juice.

 Interesting 도란도란 counter where you can pick your mug and fill it with
the beverage such as carbonated dink dispenser, tea, coffee orice cream.
Lovely mismatching designs and different shape mugs creating homey feeling.

Satisfied with the selection and happily picked some of the foods and back to our seats to enjoy our dinner...

Conpuzzled as the waitress served Salmon Sashimi Salad and Bosam (boiled pork)
as we didn't order them nor see these dishes on the food counter.

Then a big portion of Seasoned Braised Pork Ribs too...

Therefore, we concluded that these were their signature dishes. But, unlike ala-carte-buffet in Singapore that some dishes you can only order once, they just served to your table. 

Maybe that's reason why they'd to check the availabily, because when we entered the restaurant was less than half-full. If they didn't serve these, we might thought that it's just a normal salad buffet with decent food options that enough to make you full just tasting a little bit of everything. This restaurant is like serving salad buffet in addition to main course...? decentof salad bar buffet experience!

However, we think it might be a wastage of food because some people might not eating particular dishes. Luckily they served quickly before we took or order lots of food. We managed to eat everything because they're so delicious with authentic Korean flavours.

The presentation of the food not look like the display.
It's not a problem, the real problem was...

we wanted to re-order but which was which yah?! ;P

Kiddos like fried food especially Korean Fried Chicken.

They taste as sweet as they look... good to stimulate your appetite!

Too bad that the ice cream machine was out of
ice cream, so we only had some these for desserts.

Anyway these 2 kiddos like Korean Traditional Snack (한과 = Hangwa).
Actually they like to eat all sorts of puffed rice whether it's produced
in Korea, Japan, Indonesia or local product.

The first experience of Yugwa (유과) was during Korean Tea Ceremony 
in Seongyojang House. See... this gal insisted not to waste the small crumb
 of yugwa although she didn't know how to use chopstick properly.

On our previous trip, we bought Senbe (센베) on top of Coco Pies from PNB. They're familiar with these sweet treats and less dissappointed because they didn't have their favorite ice-cream.

Dandelion Tea... Cheers~!

Novelina (노벨리나) Level 4
Add: 412-2 Gosa-dong Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si

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