Thursday, 1 February 2018

[Pyeongchang] - Grilled Dried Pollack Fish at 황태1번지 황태회관

Judy from Elf Pension Resort helped us to call and arrange for taxi tour around Pyeongchang. This mountainous city has the average elevation of approximately 700 metres above sea level, therefore it's called 'Happy 700' which is believed to be the optimal location for human and animals to live in harmony with nature and culture.

The Alps of Korea is one of the favorite short gateaway for locals and attracted a lot of tourists especially during winter because of its pristine snow that perfect for winter sports.

Our driver was proud and happy to introduce us breathtaking mountainous scenery surrounded this beautiful city. He also showed us Yongpyong Ski Resort and Alpensia Ski Resort which will be the venues of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

Gangneung is also another hosting town, therefore our driver told us that further down is Gangneung. I just checked it's about half and hour drive from Alpensia. You can see from the video, there were few big banners promoting Pyeongchang Olympics although it was in 2015 (yes, you read it right, I took 2 years to write this post).

We asked our taxi driver to recommend us must-eat local delicacies because we need to feed ourselves first before headed to Daegwallyeong for feeding the sheep.

 He drove us to 황태1번지 황태회관 because this restaurant 
is very popular to locals for delicious hwangtae dish.

For Koreans, Pollack is more than just a fish. It's believed to bring good fortune. Even until today, some people will tie dried pollack in the string and hang in the new house or newly opened business. It's also one of the key foods offered in sacrificial and ancestral rites.

This restaurant was featured in SBS, KBS and MBC TV programs
and received quite a number of awards since 1985.

Hwangtae refers to a certain variety of dried pollack which is repeatedly frozen and thawed in mountainous areas where the temperature fall below -10C for 40 to 90 days. The pollack slowly dries, freezes at night and thaws during the day. These repeated contractions and expansions turning it to yellowish Hwangtae. This reminded me of historical Korean drama "The Merchant: Gaekju (장사의 신: 객주) starring Jang Hyuk.

황태1번지 황태회관 Menu board.

The staff serving us can speak Chinese, we checked whether the the pollack is spicy and she said yes. Therefore, she recommended us cuttlefish bulgogi which they could prepare non-spicy version.

Ordered a set of Grilled Dried Alaska Pollack (황태구이) - ₩12,000 and 
2 sets of Cuttlefish Bulgogi (오징오 불고기) - ₩24,000

Gangwon-do is renowned and takes pride in producing the best Pollack 
(황태 = hwangtae / salt-removed Pollack) and cuttlefish in Korea. 

It is cooked in a hot cauldron with special spices and condiments. 
Flavorful with soft and chewy texture. 

Red hoodie girl.

There are lots of way to prepare pollack, either by stir-fry, steaming, stew or for cooking soup. Dried pollack soup is one of the best food for hangover and liver detoxification.

  Cafe 7Hundred is giving discount of  ₩1,000 for customers
from this restaurant. On the right, 농수산물 판매장 is an
Agricultural and Marine Products Store selling 
dried Pollack fish, seaweed and others.

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