Monday, 2 April 2018

[Chuncheon] - Namiseom Island & Gangchon Rail Park

 From MBC broadcasting station, we walked back to bus stop and waited for the next city tour bus to bring us to Nami Island, which is the 4th stops after Chuncheon station.

The bus stopped for about 5 minutes to wait for people
who wanted to go to the next destinations.

 We just took this few minutes time to snap some photos outside the immigration.

My hubby and I were here last time, and kiddos not interested to stroll
around the island knowing that they'll have to wait for me 
because I'll be snapping thousand of photos!

 You can opt to enter this half moon-shaped island by riding
the ferry or flying over the water through Zip Wire (남이섬 짚와이어).

Known as filming location for the popular Hallyu drama 'Winter Sonata"
and it's also famous for the elegant and exotic Metasequoia Lanes of:

[Namiseon Island] K-drama Winter Sonata | [Namiseon Island] K-drama Winter Sonata | 
 Gingko Tree Lane, Pine Tree Lane,

 [Namiseon Island] K-drama Winter Sonata | [Namiseon Island] K-drama Winter Sonata |
 White Birch Lane, Reed Woods Lane and

Cherry Tree Lane which is particularly beautiful in spring.
(Please click here to read my previous post).

Nami Concours aims to encourage artists' creativity and contribute to 
the advancement of the quality of picture book illustrations.

You have two hours to spend on the island if you're taking City tour bus on the same course. However for transferinf course, it's only one hour (for course A to course B) and 45 minutes (for Course B to Course A), therefore make sure you check and take note on the timing.

= Gangchon Rail Park = 
 We took circular bus Course B at 13:20pm and reached Gangchon Railpark at 13:35.

It's just perfect time to join the railbiking which started at 14:00.

It's the same track and tunnels which I'd so much fun with others
VIP Tour members on the previous week.

I kinda cheated this time round by leaving most of the pedaling jobs to 
energetic kids and my hubby, soI could concentrated taking videos & photos.

Two happy sheep brazing the winter cold!

They didn't look tired at all and love the entire pedalling including...

train ride to admire beautiful Bukhanggang river...

But instead of sitting on the uncovered top, all of the passengers
sat inside because it's snowing...

"It's too fast!!! Why it's not round-trip?" Kids complained.

That's basically ended Chuncheon City Tour too, 
because we didn't wait for the next bus.

Well, it's considered round-trip as there's a free shuttle bus
to bring you back to the starting point at Gimyujeong Station.

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