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[Lombok] - Gili Nanggu (롬복 길리낭구)

[Lombok] - Living Asia Resort & Spa (리빙 아시아 리조트 앤 스파)| by Meheartseoul
One of my Indonesian friend asked me to recommend about places to visit in Lombok others than the mainstream Gili Tramena. Then, I realized that my postings stopped at our second day trip. I'll try upload some photos in photo album first, and introduce some nice snorkeling places like this hidden pearl...

After breakfast, our guide cum driver fetched us from
Living Asia Resort and Spa hotel.

It took about 3 hours drive from Senggigi to Tawun Harbour in Sekotong.

The boatman was waiting for us when we reached there around 11am.

  Let's row row row your boat to visit home sweet home of thousands fish.

Just joking, you just need to sit and enjoy the view. Recommended to reapply your sunblock to protect yourself from fierce sun, as we noticed that only one day our skin turned darker by at least 2 shades! Wow... if one week under the sun maybe become charcoal!

 Gili Nanggu (롬복 길리낭구).
Welcome to my private paradise! ;P

Tranquil calm beach with white sand and clear water.

This beach still not so commercialized comparing to Gili Trawangan.

These private outrigger boats mostly ferrying 2 to 6 persons. 

Therefore you didn't see people on the beach. To be frank, I prefer this trio Gili Nanggu, Gili Kedis and Gili Sudak than North West trio of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Didn't see any street vendors or peddlers here, so you can really relax on this serene and romantic beach. Look at these photos, isn't it perfect for honeymoon trip?
Let's go and greet fishes in the sea...
 Do you see the black shadow?

 First sight was kinda scary to see such a giant troop of black fish swimming together. 
 You can find them near this small pier.

I should have the video, but couldn't find it! 

It's either that I didn't press the recording button properly, as I was using my mobile phone and put it inside dry waterproof pocket. It's kinda blur to see in the water or accidentally deleted it.

Hubby didn't carry SJ Cam because he didn't feel secure as he didn't wear life vest. He didn't want to hold camera in case suddenly hit by waves he couldn't react fast and it might restricted his move.

Back to the boat to get SJ Cam and go to another snorkeling site.

The pier is on the left, and below video was taken further right from the pier. This spot has various types and more colorful fish. However they're more shy and like to play hide and seek... now you see now you don't as they suddenly appeared and quickly disappeared from your sight.

 Our guide told us that people and other guides asking him about
our snorkeling masks, as they thought we rented from him or our boatman. 

Here's the second snorkeling location.
(Photos credit to: Jacky - Green Chili Travel)

Bought these 'Nice' easy breathing snorkel masks from Taobao.  Normally, I swim without goggles in swimming pool. Therefore, I don't like snorkeling mask that have to cover my nose and especially have to bite the snorkel tube, which you can't guarantee the hygiene level especially if it's rented for so many people.

I prefer to use normal goggles just to cover my eyes from salty sea water. But, I found this quite nice as you can breath as per normal using your nose. So, I decided to buy them since we need to use them for 4 days in Lombok. 

Resting at the beach after snorkeling.

You can have sunbathing to get some tropical tan, but we'd enough tan in just one day. I always envy with those Angmohs as they easily get back to fair skin. But, that's not the case for me. It may take one year or so to look not so dark. ㅠㅠ

Private boat rental to Gili Nanggu, Kedis and Sudak + Transportation and
Lunch: Rp 1,150,000 / SGD 120.00.

As it's private boat, you can arrange your own timing on how long you wish to stay here before moving to another island.
We reached there around 11:20 and left at 13:00.
Heading to Gili Sudak for lunch.

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