Thursday, 11 August 2016

[Lombok] - Gili Sudak (롬복 길리 수닥)

Energy drained from snorkeling and swimming with the fish for more than 70 minutes at Gili Nanggu. It's time to refill our empty tummies at ...
  Gili Sudak (롬복 길리 수닥).

Tables and chairs set just few steps away from the beach.

  Didn't expect to have beachfront dining...

 Idyllic background although it's simple warung (tavern) setting.

Not sure about the menu here because it's in the package, so we're told to wait for about 15 minutes for them to prepare the food.

That little hut anchoring on the beach captivated our eyes!
 Come~! Let's have some stroll along the beach while waiting...
According to our guide, this homey-look hut is floating guardhouse.

   I thought it's overwater beach bungalow. 

Stunning dreamy sea view from this vantage point.

 The scorching hot afternoon sun toasting my whole body!

Isn't this beautiful scene worth some snaps to fill up your instagram gallery?

Soaking my feet let the soothing waves massaging them...

Seduced by symphony of the sea humming of the wave song of the wave.

The briny air carried some yummy barbecue smell 
that made my stomach rumbled... 

 Finally our empty table spread with yummy-looking food~!!!

Waung food at Lombok Gili Sudak (롬복 길리 수닥)
Grilled fish which was freshly caught by local fishermen.
Waung food at Lombok Gili Sudak (롬복 길리 수닥)
 Indonesian-style Cap Chay (stir fry mixed vegetable), rice and sambal.

Waung food at Lombok Gili Sudak (롬복 길리 수닥)
It's been a long time never had this authentic Indonesian food.
Finger licking delicious and truly satisfying~!

We need to leave the last Gili by 4pm because it takes 3 hours to 
go back to our hotel in Senggigi.

Only can imagine how nice if we could  spend a late afternoon sitting on the beach, drink young coconut while waiting for the sunset and have a romantic dinner there...

FYI, Nirvana Gili Resort is the only accommodation in Gili Sudak.

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