Monday, 1 July 2013

Just Jeju (Yakcheonsa, Cheonjeyeon, Jeongbang, Braised Hair Tail Fish)

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Jeju Island I | by Meheartseoul
Jeju Island is a volcanic island, dominated by Halla-san (Halla Mountain). Jeju Province was divided into two cities (si), Jeju and Seogwipo, and two counties (gun), Bukjeju (North Jeju) and Namjeju (South Jeju) respectively. In 2005, Jeju residents approved, by referendum, a proposal to merge Bukjeju County into Jeju City and Namjeju County into Seogwipo City.

Jeju's temperate climate, natural scenery, and beaches make it a popular tourist destination for South Koreans as well as visitors from other countries.

Our initial plan was to visit Jeju, Island of the God on the first day. But luckily we changed it to the second day, else we might have missed our flight as our flight from Singapore was delayed about 3 hours in Vietnam due to technical problem.

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Jeju, here I come!!! 

We took a domestic flight T'Way Airlines from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island. After checked in to Hotel Little France, we headed to Seogwipo area and quickly had our lunch.

It's yummy Braised Hair-tail Fish. Firstly, we didn't know what to choose, but we saw the table next to us had this tempting looking dish. So we asked to serve the same dish for us. I think this is quite popular dish in Jeju. After a while, a coach bus with about 30 locals came and dine there too.

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Braised Hair-tail fish with banchan

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Minimum order for Braised Hair Tail Fish is for 2 person

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
괸당네 갈치요리집 located around Chilsimni Food Street.

After filled up our tummy, we visited few popular tourist spots:
1. Jeongbang and Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls. 

2. Yakcheonsa Temple
    Measuring an impressive 30m high and spanning a total area of 3,305 meters squared, it is the
    largest temple in the East.

    Yakcheonsa has a Temple stay program offering an opportunity to look back on your life and
    experience traditional Buddhist culture. Upon joining the program, you may learn temple etiquette,
    take Yebul (Buddhist service), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Haengseong (walking meditation) and
    may also experience the life of a Buddhist practitioner.

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
5m-tall statue of Vairocana

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Soft Amitofo chanting heard around the temple...
Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
~May all living beings be happy and free from suffering~

3. Jungmun Beach.
    This video included Hyeopjae Beach (which I visited after came back from Udo Island).

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Triangle Cave?!! 

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Resting at Jungmun Resort after lost our ways wandering around

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
 Love you... my 2 kiddos!!!

Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
waiting for bus back to Hotel after grabbed some Jeju tangerine and (super sweet) pineapple.

 Jeju Island Trip Itinerary |
Hahaha... we didn't managed to find the restaurant that recommended
by Wingspoon although the hotel receptionist told us the direction ㅠㅠ

So, we just grabbed street foods. We tried almost everything from tteokbokki, grilled and fried food,...  and bought a bottle of soju from nearby convenience store.

That ended our second day in Korea... Will post more interesting places that we visited on Just Jeju (Part II). The next day, we went to Udo Island (please click the link for earlier posting) for 1 night before back to Jeju again.

For more information on direction to the locations, please check Visit Korea.