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Just Jeju (Hallim Park, Hyeopjae Beach, Biyangdo Island, Black Pork BBQ)

Recommended Tourist Attractions and Taxi Tour in Jeju Island II | by Meheartseoul
Yohoo!!! It's on Sunday morning when we reached Jeju Island after spending 1 night in Udo Island. We boarded the first ferry from Cheonjinhang Harbor to Seongsan Harbor, Jeju.

I purposely arranged our itinerary to Jeju - Udo - Jeju - Busan to make sure we have enough time to catch the flight to Busan on Monday.

Short video on our trip in Udo Island
From Seongsan Harbor, we took a bus back to Jeju city and checked-in to Jeju Marina Tourist Hotel. We asked the receptionist to book a taxi for exploring Jeju city, as we didn't book any land package.
We called taxi rental agency from the hotel.  She said Sunday mostly all taxis were booked especially for English and Chinsese speaking driver. She asked us to call back in half and hour time, as I said it's fine to have Korean speaking driver.
Hotel manager asked us to go to Yeha to join the land tour. We walked to the office, which not to far from the hotel, but too bad it was closed :(
Then, we found public phone and called the taxi rental agency again. But, luck was not on our side! Even Korean speaking taxi driver also not available. How?!! It's not possible to walk to the places that I planned to visit! Hiks hiks ㅠㅠ
Phew~!!! We saw a taxi when we were crossing road on the way back to hotel. I just tried my luck to ask the driver whether he can drive us to one of the nearby attraction. To my surprise, he offered to take us around the Jeju for 9 hours. I don't remember how much he charged, but it's definitely cheaper than the rate from the taxi rental agency and extra 1 hour too. Wow~~~ Perfect!!!  Super duper happy that I almost cried!

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Mr Park, our 기사 님 (kisanim = taxi driver), tour guide and photographer

Quickly hopped in the taxi, and he asked where we want to visit. I showed him places for interests in Jeju City. We told him that we visited some places in Seogwipo City. He showed us the map and told us that he can drive us to Seogwipo City too, although we said it's alright as we afraid that it's too far and troublesome for him. Anyway, we were fine with his recommendation as we can go to more places that didn't listed on our itinerary.

Let's start our journey in Jeju:
First stop... Hallim Park
Hallim Park, almost 100 thousand square meters, has a variety of gardens that can be enjoyed in any season. The most famous tourist sites in Hallim Park are:

~ Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves, the only two-dimensional caves in the world.

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Cave's ceilings resembles the scales of the dragon body

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Legend of Dr. Jin.

 ~ Jae-Am Folk Village, revives traditional Jeju life

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Jeju Folk House.

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.comJeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

~ Water Garden

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

~ Stone and Bonsai Garden

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |

~ Bird Garden

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
gorgeous white peacock 

After walked for almost 2 hours we were really hungry. We told Mr Park that we wanted to eat Black Pork BBQ, but he didn't know about it. He called his friend to check where to find the restaurant or sikdang that sell black pork BBQ. Since he has never eaten it before as he just moved to Jeju from Seoul. So, we asked him to join us for lunch :)

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
Mr Park requested 이모 to teach us how to BBQ and eat it...

Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
"Ssam" style (wrap with lettuce leaf, dip with ssamjang and topped with raw or cooked garlic, onion or banchan)
Jeju Taxi Tour Travel Blog |
I can SEE awesome view of Hyeopjae Beach and Biyangdo Island.
TASTE and SMELL mouth-watering barbequed black pork.
FEEL the cooling breeze from the sea and HEAR the sound from playful waves!
우와! Five senses satisfaction ^^
 너무 좋다!!!
Really sorry that I don't have the address of the sikdang. It's nearby Hallim Park and Hyeopjae Beach.

And after stored all the food in our tummies... (To be continued)

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